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About Jesus (Yeshua, AJ, Alan John Miller)
Some Photos
Me, as I was in June 2010, age 47.

Mary and myself were staying in Mooloolabah on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia for the purpose of giving a series of Events and Workshops. Events are provided free of charge to those invited, and audio, transcript and video files are able to be downloaded from this website.
Me as I was in the year 2003, age 40, just before I allowed the full memory of my life in the 1st century and in the spirit world. Short back and sides!

I have written about the things I remember, and will be doing more of this as time goes on. I have also written about the Truth about reincarnation. These documents are available for download from this website.
Jesus' Personal Comments
Hello to everyone reading our website!

If you ever get the opportunity to talk to my parents, Joseph & Mary from my 1st century life, and Maxine & Alan from this life, you will find out that I have always been passionate about having a relationship with God. This relationship has defined my life to a large degree, and has brought to me a bliss that is impossible to explain, since it is all based on intense emotions and feelings.

Since my return to earth, I have also had to work through many emotions of despair, sadness, grief, guilt, frustration and loneliness, and, through this process I have come to understand human life much better than I did when I was on earth 2000 years ago.

In the 1st century, through growing in the joy of my own personal connection with God, I began to realize how the relationship with God also causes us to recognize and embrace the person God created us to be, the person we shall recognize as our real self, and this occurs as long as our own desires are brought into harmony with Love. In the 1st century, I came to recognize in my 20's that I was fulfilling a role God had fortold, the role of Messiah.

This role was very different to what people on earth expected, since they expected a Messiah that would save them from political oppression, a world leader in the secular understanding. But, as I grew in the 1st century, I recognized that the Messiah would be the same as any other person, with the exception that he or she would be the first person to enter into a condition of a true sonship with God, or at-onement with God through the reception of God's Love into the soul, which would transform the soul. Once I discovered this process in the 1st century, I called it "becoming at-one with God" or "being Born Again!"

Once I understood what was required of me to enter into this unique relationship, which is available to all humans living on earth, and also available to all spirits living in the spirit world, I allowed myself to be led by God into this condition, and, since this process took some time, I entered that condition in the 1st century when I was 31 years old, just before I chose to be baptized by John the Baptist, as a personal celebration of the condition of being at-one with God. I became the first person in human history to enter this condition, but since that time many millions of people who used to live on earth, and are now in the spirit world, have entered the same condition since becoming spirits. Except for myself, no person historically while still on earth has entered that condition. It was by discovering this "Way", always being helped by God through my desire, I became the first true "Son of God".

In the 1st century, my mother and father, Joseph and Mary, came to see when I was very young that I was different to other children, in that I was serious and studious, and was not attracted to the anger or violence that surrounded us. I was also very similar as a child in this life. As I grew, I came to see, through the process I mentioned, that I had discovered the process that God wanted all humankind to follow, not through anything that I had personally done, but rather, because I did not seem then to have the same unloving feelings that others seemed to have, and, since my parents did have many unloving feelings and actions, that God had somehow cleared me of those feelings after my birth. Since then I came to see that God wanted me, through my own passion and desire, to illustrate how to become at-one with God from a condition of human perfection, the same condition of perfection Amon and Aman (or Adam & Eve as you may know them) enjoyed directly after their creation by God.

But it has never been demonstrated on earth how a person can, from a condition of imperfection and unloving feelings (often called sin and error), become at-one with God while still on earth. So, one of the main reasons Mary and I returned to earth was so that we could illustrate by our own personal example, what would be required for humankind to develop to the point of, and then experience the New Birth, or being Born Again, while we remained on earth.

After remembering these things again in this life, which began happening as a child, but which I did not consciously understand until more intense experiences started in 1997, and then intensified in 2004, I began the process of progressing towards God in the same manner as I did in the 1st century, but this time from a condition of error or sin (which means missing the mark of love). So, just like you, I am currently a work-in-progress, using the teachings I am providing you on this website and through other forms, to enter the same condition of at-onement with God, but this time, instead of coming from a condition of perfection as I did in the 1st century, I am coming from a condition of sin and error.

I am now almost 50 years old (2012), and would not be surprised if the emotional & spiritual process continues for quite a few more years yet until I become at-one with God. In the 1st century a similar process took me 13 years from the time I understood the process when I was 18 years old until I became at-one with God, during my 31st year. I have been engaging this process in an active manner since I remembered it in 2004, a period of 8 years so far. Mary in this life began this process in 2008.

For this reason, as I progress, you will find that I will change. I am currently in error, and you will see the error leave me, through the same process that I am describing to you that will help the error leave you if you so desire it. Also, you will see Mary change, and hopefully, as we do this, you will come to have more faith, hope and trust, not only in God's existence and God's Nature, but also in the fact that you personally can develop a relationship with God by using the exact same teachings that myself and Mary are applying in our own lives.

It is not important to us whether you believe we are Jesus and Mary, but it is important, should you wish to experience bliss and happiness, and the gift of immortality that each child of God receives when they become at-one with God, to at least investigate, and consider experimenting with the teachings presented here.

If you do, you will be able to become at-one with God while you are on the earth, and you will not only experience the personal bliss and happiness of that relationship with God, but you will also understand that every other path of knowledge and investigation you could have followed while on earth or in the spirit world, is insignificant in comparison to knowing the Divine Truth.

You will also then see that I am your true friend and brother, a simple child of God, just as Mary is your true friend and sister. You will then trust us more than you do now, and you will begin to understand how much we love you.


Jesus' Objectives
I suppose you could say that I have personal objectives, that relate primarily to my own enjoyment of my personal life, and then I have what I suppose some would call universal objectives, that relate to my own passions and desires regarding what I wish to create externally.

My personal objectives are to firstly continue in my everlasting progress towards my Beautiful Parent, God. This has always resulted for me in everything else being added to me, and so it remains my most passionate objective and desire. Secondly, I wish to have my soulmate relationship restored to its previous splendour, and then for that relationship with the other half of myself, Mary, to continue to grow.

My other desires include to be a part of God's Plan to have all of Her Children desire or have a longing for, and then eventually to partake in, a personal relationship with their Creator and Maker.

To assist that to happen, I have then listed my desires as a part of the Divine Truth Objectives document; which are primarily to assist all humankind on earth and in the spirit world to enter into this special and unique relationship with God, to understand themselves, and to transform their environment into one that flourishes in Love and Peace.

(Laughs) The thoughts of John Lennon came to me just then: "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, and then the world will be as one." Many look at my desires as listed in the Divine Truth Objectives document and feel that I am a dreamer, but, the truth is, that all of my own progression has come about by connecting to my dreams, and seeing how those dreams also match God's own desires for myself to become the person She created me to be.
Jesus' Mediumship & Discussions
I am also known as Alan John Miller or AJ. Some people also call me Yeshu, or Yeshua, since that is what Mary calls me. I am the son of Alan Rodney Miller and Maxine Alice Miller. I was born, in this life, on 10th March 1963 in Loxton, South Australia.

I have 2 children from a marriage which ended in 1997. Soon after I began to remember the details of my life on earth and in the spirit world for the past 2000 years. My sons are Tristan John Miller, and Caleb Alan Miller.

I am involved constantly with many people who are able to talk to spirits in various conditions of love, and sometimes these discussions get recorded and uploaded to the website. Many spirits follow me around waiting for an opportunity to talk to me. Some of these spirits wish to express their anger and rage towards me, some wish to find out why they are in a dark condition emotionally and spiritually, and some wish to help the furthering of Divine Truth on earth. Some are our friends from our past 2000 years of life whom we enjoy talking to.
I have had literally 100's of conversations with various spirits over the past few years, and many of these conversations do not get recorded, as they happen in an ad-hoc manner, and I also only post them with the permission of the person doing the meduimship as well, and if they are relevant to more than just Mary's or my own life.

If any mediums wish to have me talk to spirits, this can usually be arranged, and those discussions can be recorded and then placed on the website so that other people can listen to them. I am willing for these discussions to be on the website as long as the both the medium and the spirit involved give their permission for the information discussed to be made public, and the discussion has relevance to the lives of others.
Jesus' Letters
Some time ago, in 2006, I began to record some of my own life experiences, beginning with my recollections of my childhood in the 1st century.

Obviously, many things have happened since then, and I have had little time to write down my experiences of my life, from the 1st century, life in the spirit world, the true re-incarnation process, and life in the modern times.

It is my intention to continue writing these memories as I have the time to do it. At the moment, there are only a small number of writings that I can present, since I have not written any more about my life since 2006.

However, in many of the presentations and events, people have asked more detailed questions about my life and experiences, and some of those details are contained within the answers I have given in the audio and video recordings.

In the future, more of these writings will be typed up as I do them, and placed in this section of the website.
Jesus' Material